Jewellery trends

The jewellery trend this year to clear colour. We see more and more jewellery with precious stones in the streets. Some are transparent, with frosty appearance and exudes elegance.

Saturated colours and unique grain patterns

Colourful gems embellish any outfit, mood, bring a good mood, and will be seen more frequently, according to trend researchers. With classic gemstones like emerald, ruby or sapphire, but also with tourmaline, amethyst or peridot. They are all the rage!The trend is gems with high quality metals gold, silver, and white gold and rose gold.

The theme gloss accompanied the trendsetters

There must be polished and shined, and not only in the evening or on special occasions, but also quiet during the day. Men may also be clothed in bright, colourful fabrics, who especially loves colourful combined, also still bright floral patterns, and animal prints.From a huge variety of rings and earrings,each of you can find your favorites. Note not only the color but also the material.Your good appearance is in your own hands.

Jewelry Care – How to do that!

The proper care of jewellery is very important. Only those who will pay attention to a few basic things long enjoy his treasures.It is important that you your jewellery stores before showering and bathing or he will soon Matt, Oxidized or lose colour. Especially swimming in chlorine and salt water is very damaging to your jewellery. Precious stones and pearls can even be destroyed. Jewellery often reacts sensitively with sunscreen, deodorant, perfume and hair spray, because these oils and solvents. This can also be glued stones fall out.

Therefore, it is good, the jewellery to be hang up after the styling. Pearl Jewellery necessarily have to be protect fats and oils.It is best to keep your jewellery in the jewellery box or jewellery cases. Therefore, everything is always nice and sorted protected. Go before sleeping you remove sensitive jewellery.

Polished surfaces maintain their best with a jewellery polishing cloth. These are available for very little money in any jewellery shop. Silver jewellery can be kept quickly in a plastic bag.