Jewellery: history, manufacturers, distributors, philosophy

The success is a strange path. So also with Gritta Debus and her business-partner J?rgen M?ller. Both beat careers in the field of design and did not really have to do anything in the beginning with jewellery design. Fortunately, the commercial photographer Juergen Mueller soon discovered his creative side and searched the craft challenges. He was attracted in the 1980s, and he put all his talent and passion in studies of casting in metal moulds.

Almost twenty years later, the innovative all-rounder was ready to start his own brand: “Silver Factory” was established and offered to interested customers at individual ring jewellery.Difficulties arose first in the use of ready Findings. J?rgen M?ller used a lot of effort and time trying to manufacture unique rings as per customer specification, and meet special requests by costly reworking and adapting to finished parts. This sounds easier than it really was. Initially put J?rgen M?ller and Gritta Debus spend much of their time to developing and improving the system.

A challenging and nerve-racking innovation is created. After all, had the thread, tops and screw mechanisms are perfectly adapted to the base ring. It should be individual, but of course also combine effortlessly. Furthermore, the material should withstand very high quality standards, because the constant disassembly and reassembly is a great burden on all trim. Long they were tinkering at the variable idea, since 2004 celebrates breakthroughs in the jewellery world.

A ring system that is as individual as the needs of the ladies. “Ring Ding by Silver Factory” was born!Now it was time to market the new idea. The two jewellery designers presented their new system at regional fairs. It word spread quickly. Now there is an innovative jewellery exchange system, which completely corresponds to women’s desires.

The product brand RING DING will continue to grow, but not at any price. The clean lines and the successful style of the jewellery exchange system is the essence of success. It was only a matter of time until benefit also other jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings from that system. Repeatedly, their heart and soul is put into the creations and in the variety of ways.